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Dipl. Ing. Johanes Kurnia, studied in Germany and Swiss, founded Johanes Architects International Design in 1995. Working particularly in the area of Community Design, Urban Infill, Housing Architecture and Interior Design, we had been featured in various publications such as interior and architectural magazines and newspapers. Specialized in Architecture & Building Design, Interior Design, Master-planning, 3D Animation (Virtual Reality) and Landscape Design since 1995, we had designed and built numerous projects.


For each project we develop an accurate conceptual idea that is easy to read and understand. The precision of architectural expression is the key to form. Our architecture is always tailored to the needs of the people who live, work or spends their leisure time in our buildings. We also pay attention to our buildings’ surroundings, and use them as a source of inspiration. We create designs that are simultaneously functional and innovative.

Johanes Architects is committed to partnering with our clients to create vibrant, livable communities with architecture - interior of lasting value. We are experts in the design of a wide range of buildings, hotels, house types, real estates, interior and 3D animation. We make the design according to the budget from our clients. Our team approach and commit to discover the most innovative and appropriate design solutions for our clients.